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VOLUME 79 (2004) | ISSUE 4 | PAGE 212
The anisotropic conductivity of two-dimensional electrons on a half-filled high Landau level
We study the conductivity of two-dimensional interacting electrons on the half-filled Nth Landau level with N \gg 1 in the presence of the quenched disorder. The existence of the unidirectional charge-density wave state at temperature T<Tc, where Tc is the transition temperature, leads to the anisotropic conductivity tensor. We find that the leading anisotropic corrections are proportional to (Tc-T)/Tc just below the transition in accordance with the experimental findings. Above Tc the correlations corresponding to the unidirectional charge-density wave state below Tc result in the corrections to the conductivity proportional to \sqrt{T_c/(T-T_c)}.