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VOLUME 59 (1994) | ISSUE 1 | PAGE 28
Fluctuation Viscosity of a Solution of Wormlike Micelles
Dynamic fluctuation phenomena in a volution of wormlike micelles are investigated. The anomalous fluctuation contribution to viscosity coefficients ηis calculated. This contribution is determined by nonlinear interaction of hydrodynamic modes with bending mode, describing the relaxation of the shape of micelles. At high frequencies r\f\ behaves as w-1/4. In the low-frequency limit rj/j does not depend on frequency and is of the order of (tp/Qn (i is the average distance between crosslinks of the micelles, fp is the persistent length, t) is the viscosity of the pure solvent). Therefore in the case > £ the value of tyj exceeds the bare viscosity «I·