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VOLUME 73 (2001) | ISSUE 4 | PAGE 182
Reentrant violation of special relativity in the low-energy corner
In the effective relativistic quantum field theories the energy region, where the special relativity holds, can be sandwiched from both the high and low energies sides by domains where the special relativity is violated. An example is provided by 3He-A where the relativistic quantum field theory emerges as the effective theory. The reentrant violation of the special relativity in the ultralow energy corner is accompanied by the redistribution of the momentum-space topological charges between the fermionic flavors. At this ultralow energy an exotic massless fermion with the topological charge N3=2 arises, whose energy spectrum mixes the classical and relativistic behavior. This effect can lead to neutrino oscillations if neutrino flavors are still massless at this energy scale.