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VOLUME 61 (1995) | ISSUE 1 | PAGE 57
Dynamical fluctuations of vesicles with nontrivial topology
The role of conformal degeneracy of the Helfrich energy for shape fluctuations of vesicles is discussed. For a vesicle with a nontrivial topology (genus g > 1) there exists a two-parametric set of transformations of the shape which does not influence the Helfrich energy, surface and volume of the vesicle [4]. We have shown that the region С of the phase space corresponding to the transformations is finite. Higher order corrections to the Helfrich energy which breaks the degeneracy are small in comparison with the temperature T. It leads to the equipartition over the region C. The characteristic time of the shape fluctuations of a vesicle is of the order of rjR3/T, where Τ is the temperature, rj is the viscosity of the liquid surrounding the vesicle and R is its size.